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Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land:

Pauline Bigman & Elsie Mose

Pauline Bigman

MBM-91. Superb weaving of eight Yei-Be-Chei dancers from the great Dine' ceremonial Night Chant, by Pauline Bigman of the Tonalea area, 48 in. x 30 in., with weaver's pathway. The dancers wear encircling cedar neck ruffs and turquoise necklaces, and hold cedar branches. Wonderful meandering step border; commercial and handspun wool. The rhythm of the dance is caught eloquently in the upraised stepping feet, each dancer wearing traditional Dine' (Navajo) rust-colored mocassins with silver (white) buttons; and in the pattern of alternating red and white ceremonial woven sash belts and concho belts. SOLD.

Elsie Mose

MBM-90. Beautifully woven large Chief's pattern blanket by Elsie Mose, a mother of three in her late thirties from the Pinon area, tight, smooth, and even, about 22-24 wefts/inch, 70 in. x 40.5 in. in natural white, black, deep blue, and deep red, consigned by Mae Washington. Has four similar Spiderwoman crosses and a fith central variant. Would make a magnificent bed covering, wall hanging, or area rug, displayed either horizontally or vertically. SOLD



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